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Feøy Nickel Project

Skuterud Cobalt project

The historical home of cobalt production

  • Skuterud: Over 4 million tonnes of cobalt ore mined from 1773-1893, the world’s largest cobalt producer & Norway’s largest company at the time
  • 6.5km trend of historic cobalt workings along Skuterud trend – >100 years of mining
  • Maiden drill results identified multiple zones of cobalt mineralization

One of the main cobalt minerals, skutterudite is named after the Skuterud mine where it was discovered.

Copper Project

High grades, rich history of production


  • Historical Fredrik IV Mine – 30 years of production up to 1908 @ 6% Cu grade.
  • Sampling by Kuniko yielded up to 16.75% Cu, 3.33g/t Au and anomalous concentrations of cobalt from waste dumps.


  • Long history of underground production between 1668 – 1971
  • Historical production grates 1.15 % Cu, 1.86 % Zn, total tonnage estimated at 1 million tonnes.
  • Mineralisation thickness reaches 10 m, but generally varies between 3 and 6 metres (NGU, 2019c)


  • Historical production 1650-1750, surface grades up to 2% Cu