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Our Approach

Kuniko continues to proactively work to both establish and conduct its activities in line with the highest standards of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance.

The company has progressed its sustainability initiatives in line with aspirations to be a supplier of ethically and responsibly sourced battery metals, striving to achieve a net zero carbon footprint throughout exploration, development, and production.

Kuniko’s strategy has been developed to progress the development of its battery metal projects for the rapidly growing battery and electric vehicle industries.

Maintaining a strong focus on undertaking its activities to the highest ESG standards is considered an enabler to Kuniko’s business success. With activities based in Scandinavia, robust regulatory frameworks exist; the significant majority of electricity is based on renewable hydro power, and government initiatives are actively supporting innovation and battery supply chain solutions to support the transition to a lower carbon society.

Kuniko is committed to sustainable, ethical exploration and mining practices which embrace United Nations sustainable development goals, aligned with European Union taxonomy objectives and ESG reporting using the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics.

As Kuniko progresses its exploration activities towards development, it plans to complete the necessary actions to:


Target sustainable practices extending to both life on land and life below water, which includes responsible disposal of waste rock away from fjords.


Ensure its activities align with the interests of conservation, protected areas, cultural heritage, and indigenous peoples, amongst others.


Promote wellbeing and safety in the workplace in line with leading practices.


Conduct all of its business activities fairly, honestly with integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Kuniko will continue to monitor the evolving ESG landscape, including local compliance requirements and stakeholder expectations, and ensure its ESG philosophy and commitments remain relevant and effective.

Kuniko commits to providing an update on progress with its ESG journey on a regular and periodic basis.

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