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Critical Minerals Role

Critical Minerals Role

Metals, minerals and natural materials are part of our daily lives. Those raw materials that are most important economically and have a high supply risk are called critical raw materials.

There are 34 critical raw materials that are essential to the functioning and integrity of a wide range of industrial ecosystems. Some sectors are especially strategic for the EU’s renewable energy, digital, space and defence objectives.

Critical raw materials are used everywhere. Without them, most sections of society would not be able to function, as they are found in many everyday appliances and in products essential to the economy of every member state.

For example vibrating technology in phones, electric vehicles, wind turbines, semiconductors, manufacture of glass and production of fertilisers for plant growth, building and flying aeroplanes, etc.

The EU’s Critical Raw Materials list, extended in 2023, includes Lithium, Nickel, Copper and Cobalt, all represented in Kuniko’s portfolio of battery metals exploration projects.

Critical raw materials are important to the EU for:


Industrial value chains

Non-energy raw materials are linked to all industries across all stages of the supply chain.


Strategic technologies, such as space and defence

Technological progress and increasing quality of life depends on a varying and growing number of raw materials.


Climate, energy and environment

Clean technology requires raw materials – they are irreplaceable in solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles and energy-efficient lighting.

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