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Human Rights Protection is driving consumers to demand ethically extracted and sustainable sources of battery metals

Kuniko Chairman Gavin Rezos

Kuniko Solution


We are located in Norway and are targeting three fundamental metals for electromobility: Cobalt, Nickel and Copper. Our extraction and production processes will aim to be carbon neutral and work in harmony with the environment by harnessing its natural energy.

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Kuniko Strategy

Europe will require a large volume of battery metals to support >800 GWh battery manufacturing capacity by 2030 that will supply the electric vehicle market. Per annum, this equates to approximately 160,000 tonnes of cobalt, 500,000 tonnes of nickel and 1,300,000 tonnes of copper. But will those metals be ESG compliant and meet EU regulation?


Our most important resource: our team of world-renowned experts in geology, finance and ESG investing. We’re from all over the globe, bound together with one goal in common: decarbonising the transition to electric vehicles.

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Kuniko Investment Centre

Investing in Kuniko Zero Carbon Projects is an investment toward a future of environmental harmony and climate balance.

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